Still Salt Bath

w/ Himalayan pink salt

  • The sun had almost set and transformed the sky into a divine canvas of fervent pinks and deep purples that stretched as far as the eye could see. Taking in a deep breath, she slowly submerged herself into the hot bath overlooking the cliffside. She reached for the salts and gently poured all around her. As the vapors rose, she took another breath, this time much deeper, and as she experienced the floral sweetness, a loving sense of peace came over her that she lay there in silence, in stillness. In the comfort of the fragrant waters' warm embrace, she felt her vigor return to her. 
  • A meditative blend of Himalayan Pink Salt and Dead Sea Salt relieves the body while essential oils of geranium and ylang ylang settle the mind for a tranquil and clarifying soak.


    Once immersed in a hot bath, add desired amount of salts to surface and inhale deeply as oils vaporize. Disperse salt gently with fingers and allow body to relax to best absorb blend.

    Packaged in an 8oz/227g French square apothecary style glass jar  

  • Himalayan pink salt, Dead Sea salt, essential oils of ylang ylang* and geranium*

    *certified organic

Collections: Bath ritual

Type: Salt baths

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