Release Milk Bath

w/ rose + cocoa butter
  • In this weather, it was impossible to find a cab in the city, so she went for it. She ran home as fast as she could, while the cold rain pounded on her hoodie and trickled down her face. At last she arrived at the steps of her brownstone and noticed a package at her door. Not knowing what it was, she took it in anyway, set it on a table and began preparing for a hot bath. Suddenly, she remembered that she'd given herself a gift and it was due anytime. She hastily opened the package, and there it was, the milk. By that point, the bath was ready, so she slowly dipped inside, closed her eyes and poured the milk into the bath. The scent of coconut was the first to rise from the vapors, followed by the gentleness of rose. She opened her eyes to see rose petals floating all around her, the water white and silky. Like the cocoa butter which graced her skin, she felt all of her troubles melting away, her anxieties from the day released into the cloudy waters.
  • Rose and West Indian Sandalwood oil inspire the nervous system to let go, alleviating tension while helping to heighten mood and sensuality. Rich coconut milk and creamy cocoa butter soften skin with powerful moisturizers, improving elasticity and leaving skin feeling smooth and supple.


    Once immersed in a hot bath, add desired amount to surface and inhale deeply as oils vaporize. Disperse gently with fingers and allow body to relax to best absorb blend.

    Packaged in a 16oz/454g glass bottle 

  • coconut milk, cocoa butter*, sodium bicarbonate, rose petals*, rose absolute and West Indian sandalwood essential oil

    *certified organic

Collections: Bath ritual, Favorites

Type: Milk baths

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