Pura Terra Complexion Clay


Green clay

  • An herbaceous, floral aroma unlike anything she'd ever smelled before wafted by, intriguing her to follow it. The scent led her to an old, wooden door with rusted hinges and dewy moss growing around the edges. With trepidation, she pushed it open and to her astonishment, a vast purple field of lavender lay before her, reaching out into the horizon. Without warning, a little boy came charging towards her with a woven basket, grinning from ear to ear. "Mama says to give you this. She saw you from the window and thought you might need it." Surprised but curious, she peered inside the basket to find a lavender bunch and a jar of green clay. Confused, she looked up and saw a woman with the most gorgeous complexion she'd ever seen, waving from the window. "It's a gift from my garden," she exclaimed. "It's for purity and change. Use it often without fail and you won't regret it."
  • A careful blend of exfoliating French green clay and healing lavender absorbs surface oils and toxins while stimulating the pores and toning overall complexion.


    Combine 2x clay with 1x water to create a paste. Apply to cleansed skin in a thin layer and relax while allowing it to dry. Rinse with water to remove.

    Packaged in a 2oz/60g glass jar 

  • French green clay, lavender flower powder*, spike lavender essential oil*                  

    *certified organic

Collections: Face ritual, Favorites

Type: Clay masks

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