The brand

BEING is a handcrafted line of small batch, organic and vegan bath and body products based out of the Pacific Northwest. 

BEING was born out of an intention to help people claim their right to take care of themselves. In this volatile world with ever-surging responsibilities, it’s easy to put yourself last and become disconnected. BEING is about taking the time and space to perform ritual, whether it’s mindfully treating the skin or feeling the embrace of fragrant hot bath waters, as ritual leads to being present. When being present, life isn’t just something that’s passively observed, but experienced fully, allowing you to have a sense of purpose and the clarity of mind to achieve it.

Nutrient-rich ingredients of the highest quality have been thoughtfully selected for their curative properties using a holistic approach designed to indulge the senses and responsibly care for the skin. This means that unlike other bath and body products that may only include one or two active ingredients and fillers for the rest, every ingredient in each BEING product has a purpose. These ingredients work in tandem as part of a greater composition to release a fortified dose of plant and mineral-based nourishment with every use, aiding in vital skin functions and overall state of being.

 Minimalist + impact-free + socially responsible:

100% natural
100% GMO-free
No preservatives
No artificial additives
No parabens
No synthetic fragrances or dyes
No soy-based ingredients
No sodium laurel sulfate
Reusable glass containers
Recycled packaging, which includes shredded junk mail!
Work w/ fair-trade certified suppliers

100% vegan
Work only w/ suppliers that don't test on animals
Testing is done on willing husband, family and friends, never on animals!