Affiliate Program

Earn commission with the BEING Tribe Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program and begin earning 25% on orders made by people you refer.

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Why the Affiliate Program? 

At BEING, we aim to inspire others to create their own intentional, conscious self-care rituals to grow towards a more mindful way of living.

As we have grown, our community of mindful, conscious individuals who value quality and socially-based products made from natural, cruelty-free ingredients, has also grown.

We started the BEING Tribe Affiliate Program to inspire and empower those in our community wishing to spread those values in their networks by rewarding them for promoting the brand.

Who can apply to be a BEING Tribe Affiliate Marketer? 

Anyone wishing to promote our brand with their audience.

We vet applicants based on alignment with our brand values and engagement with their online communities.  

How it works: 

You share your affiliate link on your Instagram, website, Facebook, Pinterest, emails, etc.

Someone clicks your link and visits our site.

If that person places an order, you get credit for that sale.

We deposit all your commission money into your PayPal account once a month.