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The Artisan

Kennedy Lowery owner of Live By Being


LIVE BY BEING is the passion project of Kennedy Lowery, a former real estate professional who was inspired to deliver wellness and indulgent experiences to others after facing her own bout of exhaustion in a high-stress demanding career. Inspired by the joy-filled memories of bubble baths from childhood, she began to incorporate weekly bath rituals into her lifestyle. Slowly the art of ritual took hold of her skincare, diet, and fitness routines.

What started as a journey of self-discovery and a lifestyle change has evolved into a wellness brand founded to inspire women to create a space within themselves where they can find calm in the chaos and reconnect with who they are.  Kennedy has studied Aromatherapy and holds a degree in Psychology & Business.

Born of French Creole and West African ancestry, she attributes her appreciation for ritual and the healing arts to her Louisiana roots. She spent most of her years growing up in Texas where she developed an aesthetic eye for beautiful things. Kennedy now works out of her home studio in Houston, Texas.


“Caring for our bodies is one of the most sacred things we do, and when turned into intentional moments of self-care, they become the little loving acts we do to help turn our attention to our own needs, help ground and center us, and at best, help us to go inward and calm the noise of life.”


I invite you to find your ritual.