7 Quotes to Celebrate International Women’s Day

March 08, 2016

The power that women hold within themselves has been an undeniably present force all throughout my life. From childhood with my strong mother to my closest female friendships, I’ve had the great gift of being surrounded by loving, inspiring women whose backbones are strong and compassion fierce. In honor of International Women’s Day - and Women’s History Month - we want to celebrate bold, courageous women who have used the transformative power of love that lives inside of them to change the world, those who will always serve as role models and inspirations to women of all generations, ethnicities, backgrounds, and life paths.

We’ve chosen seven of our favorite quotes from strong women, for strong women, to encourage you to celebrate all the inspirational women in your life - including yourself!

I love myself

By Nayyirah Waheed

Maya Angelou

Fierce Lady Friendships

Lettering by Amy Christie, This Heart of Mine

talking lovingly to your younger self

Photo by @epicmonkez

ask a woman

Quote: Margaret Thatcher, courtesy of

yes women can

Image copyright David Talley Photo

women do not require validation

Source: Verily Image: Kitchener Photography

We want to know: what quotes by women, for women, or about women make your heart flutter? Let us know in the comments below. Wishing you a day - and month - filled with celebration of the empowering gift it is to be a woman.

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