MEND Healing Skin Repair Balm

Luxuriate with a moisturizing skin balm.

  • Restore extremely dry skin with this luxurious skin balm.
  • Help reduce scarring with powerful, healing ingredients.


This skin balm made with avocado heals severely damaged skin, minimizing scarring and nourishing skin back to feeling balanced and supple. Take care of yourself and restore your skin for a healthy glow. Get yours today.

  • Minimizes scars and acts as a vegan skin protectant 
  • Aroma: herbaceous, fresh
  • Skin Type: All skin types
  • Packaged in a 1oz/30ml twist tin

Use Guidelines

Apply as necessary to cuts, burns, bruises and irritated skin to initiate relief and repair.


Avocado Oil*, Rosehip Oil*, Macadamia Oil*, Pomegranate Oil*, Tamanu Oil*, Jojoba Wax, Shea Butter*, Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter*, Essential Oils of Tea Tree* and Lavender*

*Certified Organic


Self-care RITUAL(N.): the intentional practice of self-love or HABIT OF THE HEART

Self-care rituals are the little loving acts we do to help turn our attention to our own needs, help ground and center us, and at best, help us to go inward and calm the noise of life.

BEING believes in creating self-care rituals by giving meaning to our daily rountines, highlighting real, natural ingredients, their sources, their benefits, and the maker whose vision and passion produce them. 

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