Float Salt Bath

w/ French Green Clay

  • The first ray of sunshine broke through the forest canopy as she stepped carefully into the water. As soon as the heat from the spring touched her skin, it muted the chills that had made her hair stand on end. Slowly she reached for her jar of salts and gently poured. The vapors rose, carrying with it, the scent of vitality. The cypress and peppermint provided comfort as she felt a lightness overcome her. With her body floating freely, her mind unlocked the doors of clarity. The visions came. She got the answers she was looking for.
  • A cleansing blend of French green clay and Dead Sea Salt lightens the body of toxins and excess oils as peppermint and cypress essential oils further detoxify while clearing the mind for an invigorating and refreshing soak. 


    Once immersed in a hot bath, add desired amount of salts to surface and inhale deeply as oils vaporize. Disperse salt gently with fingers and allow body to relax to best absorb blend.

    Packaged in an 8oz/227g French square apothecary style glass jar 

  • French green clay, Dead Sea salt, essential oils of peppermint* and cypress*

    *certified organic

Collections: Bath ritual

Type: Salt baths

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