Sana Terra Complexion Clay


Blue clay

  • For weeks, they climbed through blizzards and whiteouts, undeterred from their mission. With empty stomachs and on the verge of dehydration, they finally arrived at the sacred teepee that they had learned about years before. As they collected themselves, a man, in native clothing, appeared within the entrance and invited the group inside. They were fed and given water. A fire was lit for warmth. The man began to chant and invited the group to join him. As they chanted, he paced slowly in a circle, blessing each of them with blue clay on their faces. Its camphorous scent could be felt in the air. Incense burned and clouded the space. The clay hardened on their faces as they felt the essence of vitality rushing back into their bodies. This was the healing ritual they had been searching for. 
  • From the lakes of Siberia, Cambrian blue clay’s incredible rarity is matched by its healing prowess, detoxifying muted skin and combined with anti-aging essential oil of helichrysum to restore balance to the complexion for a radiant, healthy finish.


    Combine 2x clay with 1x water to create a paste. Apply to cleansed skin in a thin layer and relax while allowing it to dry. Rinse with water to remove.

    Packaged in a 2oz/60g glass jar 

  • Cambrian blue clay and helichrysum essential oil*                   

    *certified organic

Collections: Face ritual

Type: Clay masks

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