Ritual to Welcome Autumn’s Abundance

September 22, 2016

autumn equinox ritual

Happy Autumn Equinox {and to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, happy Spring Equinox}! Living in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve been feeling the presence of autumn since the beginning of September, but today marks the official time when the Earth turns ever so slightly on its axis to make for shorter days with the sun lower in the sky, crisp temperatures and the leaves transforming, making it “a second spring, when every leaf is a flower” {Albert Camus}.

The Autumn Equinox marks not only the external end of summer when things are blooming and growing, but also the internal energetic shift happening within ourselves. It is a time to reap the harvest and fruits of our labors - it is a time of setting intentions and being grateful for the abundance that flows freely through our lives.

BEING's autumn equinox ritual

We’ve created a simple bath soak recipe to mix together and honor the changing of the seasons both outside of our windows and inside of ourselves, and paired it with some questions for reflection as you draw yourself a warm bath and soak in the seasonal changing of the guard:

DIY Autumn Equinox Bath Soak
{makes enough for one sensorial bath soak}
  • ½ c. Powdered coconut milk
  • 5 drops coriander essential oil
  • 5 Rosemary essential oil
  • Rosemary leaves (picked) from 1 small-medium sprig

Directions: Pour essential oils onto coconut milk and blend with a spoon. Add rosemary leaves and mix thoroughly.


As you dip into your bathtub with a cup of tea {or glass of wine!} in hand and inhale the rich aromas of rosemary and coriander, give yourself the time to reflect on what you are welcoming in with the change of the season:

  • Where do you find abundance most easily in your life? This can include monetary wealth, but speaks more to the relationships and experiences that make us feel fulfilled and secure in our lives. Jot down the first five things that come to mind when you think of abundance.
  • What projects and collaborations have you been working on that are particularly fruitful? Where are there opportunities in your life to work on co-creating something with another individual or group?
  • What personal practices deeply nourish you and spark your creative energy? Write down how you intend to regularly nourish one of these practices in the upcoming months.
essential oil drops

Although simple, this recipe is full of ingredients that align with autumnal energy influencing skin and soul:

  • The copper and vitamin C found in coconut milk help improve skin’s elasticity, and deeply moisturize while fighting bacteria.
  • Rosemary is touted to help increase mental clarity and concentration, and  was used by Ancient Egyptians in rituals for these properties.
  • Coriander acts as a detoxifier and a relaxing agent to relieve spasmodic and nervous cramps. On a mental + emotional level, it can help with symptoms of stress and depression.
milk bath with rosemary

We’d love to know - where do you find abundance in your life? What projects have you been working on that are particularly fruitful? What intentions are you setting with the changing of the season? Feel free to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable in the comments below. Wishing you all an abundant, deeply nourishing autumn!

holding milk bath

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