Winter Glow Bundle: be radiant this season!

November 16, 2015

Winter Glow Bundle

Winter is almost upon us and for most, that means chilly weather that results in dry, flaky, irritated skin. We’ve put together a winter skin care bundle to elevate your senses and give your face some extra nourishment during the dry winter months. When purchased separately, all products in the bundle total $136 but with our winter skin care bundle, you get it all for $82. Give the gift of self-care to a loved one or simply to yourself - you’re worth it!

winter skincare glow bundle offer sale kit

Below, we highlight why each of our natural, vegan skin care products made with organic ingredients in our winter bundle are the perfect combination for the chilly season that’s just around the corner:

Sana Terra Complexion Clay


This is our best all-around healing clay mask that works beautifully with all skin types. From the lakes of Siberia, Cambrian blue clay detoxifies muted skin and combines with the anti-aging essential oil of helichrysum to restore balance to the complexion for a radiant, healthy finish. Use at least once a week during winter months to wash away dead skin and replenish dry skin - twice a week if skin is particularly flaky.

Hold On Floral Tonic


After you use Sana Terra, generously spray on our Hold On Floral Tonic - a tool imperative to have in your skin care artillery when keeping dry skin at bay. Medicinal extract of calendula complements a soothing blend of gentle rose water, vegetable glycerin, and cooling aloe vera to hydrate and heal dry skin and empower cell regeneration. It’s also perfect to keep with you and spritz on throughout the day for a deep moisturizing that won’t weigh you down.

Radiance Incarnate Facial Nectar


This facial serum is liquid gold in a bottle. Its blend of specially-curated premium oils are designed to deeply penetrate skin cells to regenerate and preserve their vitality, while antioxidants and essential fatty acids restore elasticity and guard against the frigid winter weather. Typically best for using at night, using twice a day during winter months will help keep skin soft and hydrated.

Seed Lip Service


Winter tends to usher in stuffy and runny noses, which means we breathe out of our mouths more, which ultimately means a greater tendency for lips to be dry and chapped. And no one wants dry and chapped lips when standing under the mistletoe with their honey!

Carrot seed essential oil is high in antioxidants and moisturizing with Vitamin E and protective vitamin C, which both encourage healing and revitalization of the skin, while mandarin essential oil regenerates skin and stimulates cell production while speeding up the healing time of wounds and cuts.

Mend Healing Balm


An essential to keep in your handbag at all times during winter months. Of the many oils combined in this balm, a few will especially help keep in moisture: macadamia oil is one of the best regenerative oils, helping to retain moisture and reducing itchiness and inflammation, and rosehip seed oil hydrates the skin and alleviates skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Click here to shop the bundle and show your skin some love. Here’s to a happy and hydrated winter!

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