No Bathtub? No Problem.

June 10, 2016

Foot bath with Release Milk Bath and Float Salt Bath

This month is all about celebrating the art of taking a bath, but what if you don’t have a bathtub at home?! In comes the foot soak. Our feet are our primary source of movement; they take us from one place to another, they wear our dancing shoes so we can get our groove on, and they’re how we connect with the Earth and get grounded.

Still Salt Bath foot soak

Our feet do so much for us, so even if you do have a bathtub, giving your feet the home-spa treatment with a foot soak is something we all can (and should!) do to give thanks for the beautiful and strong feet that keep us moving and grounded. It’s such an easy ritual to incorporate into your self-care routines, and there are so many ways you can make your foot soak an integral part of how you take care of yourself (and others).

Float Salt Bath foot soak

We pulled together a few ideas to inspire you to indulge in the ritual of a foot soak: 

1. Invite a friend over and have a social self-care friend date! When we support each other in our efforts to take care of ourselves, we reinforce the importance of taking care of ourselves and the idea that in order to take care of others, we must first and foremost take care of ourselves.

girls in foot soak with copper pitcher

Salt Bath and milk bath

feet in bath soaks

2. Indulge in your favorite book - whether with a friend or solo. Allowing your feet to relax as they soak in a bowl with your favorite BEING product is a wonderful opportunity to stimulate your mind with a good read.

girls reading booksreading book while foot soaking

3. Put on a Complexion Clay face mask for a complete mini-home-spa. Choose your favorite Complexion Clay and apply all over, or try multi-masking to work with the different skin types on your face.

girls painting each others faces with clayfacial clay mask being applied clay mask on girlfacial clay masks

4. Combine a Salt Bath and Milk Bath for extra aromatherapeutic and healing properties. Try our Still Salt Bath with the Release Milk Bath, and either the Float Salt Bath or Drift Salt Bath with the Treat Milk Bath.

Bath Ritual collection

Release Milk Bath Mini

Treat Milk Bath foot soak

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Jackie M
Jackie M

November 12, 2016

Everything is amazing. Love it!! What’s the title of the book being read (lady on the left). It seems like a good foot soaking book to read. Thank you

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